Saturday, 12 December 2009

The shortcut that nearly wasn't

After two beautiful days riding along coconut tree lined coastline, enjoying the sea breeze, we popped back out onto Thailand's infamous "Superhighway" which really isn't that super when riding a bicycle. We rode 45 km into a headwind, along a dusty section which is currently under construction when we noticed a sign sent from heaven!

It actually said 'short-cut': We couldn't believe our eyes. The enthusiasm quickly dwindled though, when after 15km there was no short-cut in sight. Never mind - there was an icecream shop ahead - and just past another sign, telling us where the shortcut was. Ahh.

We are currently, staying in another wat (Thai Buddhist temple) and hoping to follow the beachside roads all the way to Prechuap Khiri Khan, where we will visit our first Oxfam project on Tuesday.

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