Thursday, 12 November 2009

Counting down the hours now...

Its been a busy week - finalising things (like work), fundraising, telling the media our story, packing and unpacking, but tomorrow I am heading to Penang, to meet Chris and start riding towards the starting line - Satun (in the south of Thailand). Can't wait!!

I said goodbye to my Thai teachers this afternoon. "Chok dee na kha (Good Luck)" they said, but were looking at me with concern. They are not the only ones - people keep taking one look at me and asking - "Are you sure your ready?"

Physically speaking = No
I haven't been training since I have been back in Bangkok. The two times I have attempted it, I was lying on the couch afterwards wondering why I even left the house. I've had three pleasant rides outside of the city, but these were pretty leisurely, on bikes with cushy seats and with the benefit of knowing that I had to return the bike after a couple of hours.

Mentally speaking = I think so, but one will never know how they feel riding for 5-8 hours per day in heat and rain, until they have tried it.

Have you packed? Yes
Everything except the portable iron, Chris wouldn't allow it!

Have you finished working? For now, Yes
The beauty of being a freelancer - means you can take off on these adventures.

Have you spoken to your parents? Yes
They're cool.
Well, off you go then!


  1. Chok dee na ka (from a RAYAD friend of Pia's, Claire ). Whether ready or not, the fact that you are giving it a short is great. Top work. Hats off.
    : )

  2. Hey Han - you'll get your bikin' legs in no time! have fun and be safe please! xx Gab


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