Thursday, 26 November 2009

A new friend on the road – Gemma, joins the CSX Expedition!

By day 8, Chris and I had established a vague routine for riding in Thailand. Generally we would pack up our camping gear in the dark and set off after first light, stopping for first breakfast or roti or ‘pla don gor’ (donuts) and coffee at around 7am, then for second breakfast, usually rice or noodles, at around 9am. On this particular day though, we had only made about 10 kms and were passing a Palm Oil plantation, when out pops a little Australian girl with touring bicycle!

Gemma, a 22 year old from Wagga wanted to see the world, but to do it in a sustainable and eco-friendly way, so took off on her little adventure by cargo ship from Australia in October। She has been cycling solo through Malaysia and Thailand ever since.

We were headed in the same direction, so she joined us up to Trang, onto Krabi and she and I have just spent two nights camping on Koh Yao Island, while Chris circumnavigated Phang Nga Bay solo.

Training to be a vet, Gemma has a unique way with animals (which has been very helpful-especially with dogs and monkeys) and strong passion for the environment and solving issues regarding climate change and water scarcity in Australia. We have really enjoyed riding with Gemma –and it has been a constant source of amusement for Thai people, who often think that she is mine and Chris’s daughter!

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