Saturday, 7 November 2009

a t-shirt, a smile and a good story

Wow - it's amazing what little effort it can take to inspire others.

Whilst schmoozing last night's tweet-up (#bkktweetup) I spoke to about 6-7 people about the ride that Chris and I are doing, and the work of Oxfam Australia. These generous people each committed to give me 1 THB per kilometer that I ride.

I am extremely grateful that all of these people were willing to support the cause and have faith that I am able to successfully ride all the way to Pai. Big thanks to: Rose, Tri, Pam, Ryan, Richard, Dwight and Dylan who collectively helped me to raise 11,100 THB for Oxfam Australia!

You can also donate by pledging by distance you think I can travel (please note these are approximations only).

To Pai Straight Up One THB per Km

Satun - Krabi = 250 Kms (250 THB / $8 AUD)
Satun - Phuket = 400 Kms (400 THB / $13 AUD)
Satun - Phetchaburi = 800 Kms (800 THB / $26 AUD)
Satun - Suphan Buri = 1000 Kms (1000 THB / $33 AUD)
Satun - Ayutthaya = 1200 Kms (1200 THB / $40 AUD)
Satun - Sukhothai = 1600 Kms (1600 THB / $52 AUD)
Satun - Chiang Mai = 2200 Kms (2200 THB / $72 AUD)
Satun - Pai = 2500 Kms (2500 THB / $82 AUD)

Please support Oxfam Australia by donating at:

For all my friends living in Bangkok - tomorrow, Sunday 8th November, you are invited to a picnic in our lovely garden in Phaya Thai. This fundraising event will give you the opportunity to find out more about the Cyclestrongman Expedition, Oxfam projects in Thailand, and say goodbye to me before I head south to start my journey next week.

Hope to see you there!

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