Friday, 20 November 2009

Happy Birthday CSX

We are currently on Langkawi Island and it is Day 5 of riding with the Cyclestrongman, Chris Roach. Yesterday was Chris’s birthday, although neither of us realised what day it was until the afternoon- oops. Chris got a plethora of gifts (boy, was I glad to lose some of that extra weight) when we started our journey to Pai...Straight Up 3 days ago.

When we rolled into Langkawi we hadn't had a proper shower for 3 days. So as soon as we arrived we headed for the ocean and swam fully clothed.

Chris kept pointing out that ‘today is my special day’ to people, bringing him special privileges like a free milo smoothie and a scrummy piece of chocolate cake from the night market, which made it even more special. “Life’s Good” he said before passing out in his hotel room that night.

My cycling capabilities have shocked me in the past few days. Having already been on the road for 8 months, I thought Chris would be setting a keen pace, but since he is going to be on the road for 8 years and has recently undertaken a retreat in Vipassana meditation, his riding style is calm and ‘sabai sabai’.

I thought I would be left gaping for air after only one one leg (like in the spin classes I used to do at the gym) but after 4 days of solid riding (between 45 and 80km per day) I am left feeling energised and ready to get up and do the same tomorrow.

The journey has already been full of surprises. On night one we slept in an unfinished shell of a house, which was at the side of a major freeway. The following night it was in a motor mechanic garage (he gave us permission of course). I’ve already started to appreciate the simple things. One day it rained all day, and even though this adventure is a far cry from a holiday – I am enjoying myself, so far, so good!

Our plan is to loop the island, stay a couple of nights in our tents on a beach somewhere before heading into Thailand (Satun) on Monday 23rd.


  1. Hey Han, you are doing so well, I'm very impressed! It must be lovely riding around the Islands. Make sure Chris looks after you! Keep on riding sista! xoxo.

  2. Sounds like you guys are enjoying island life! Hope the rides stays sabai sabai. Take care


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