Friday, 13 November 2009

Ready, set, go!

The ride to the Hua Lumpong Train station was the scariest and hairiest ride I have ever done. Prior to this ride, I have ridden in Bangkok twice. Both times I was wearing my super-fluro construction worker/motorcycle taxi vest, and ventured out at a time of the week which was guaranteed to be traffic-free (Sunday afternoons).
This time, I was unprepared. I left late, in the heat of the day, at a peak traffic time and without realising that I should have practiced riding with weight on my bike. For anyone who hasn’t tried riding with 40kgs strapped to the back, it can be a bit wobbly!
I piked halfway and paid way too much for the nearest tuk tuk driver to save me. We rolled up just in time for the train, and I settled in for my 22hr train journey to Penang.

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